1 Oct 2018

Danish design. We just can't get enough. Hübsch was founded in 2010 by Flemming Hussak, Jannie Krüger & Daniel Henriksen.

20 Apr 2018


Yes Neolea bottle 100% pure and 100% fresh extra virgin olive oil, but forget about the taste, just look at that gorgeous bottle.


In our opinion all olive oil should be bottled as beautifully as this; a bottle that we'd be proud to have out in our kitchen.  And that is why CM loves Neolea.

23 Feb 2018

Stay in a tent on a tiny West African island surrounded by jungle wilderness, but camping it ain't.

22 Feb 2018

Set in a former private mansion, Nima has just four bedrooms each with a balcony and the prettiest of roof gardens.

18 Dec 2017

Madeleine Eiche's fascination with eggnog cartons began in 2002 when she was employed at a New York coffee shop, making eggnog lattes.

13 Dec 2017

Welcome to the artistic world of Ukrainian architect turned pastry chef Dinara Kasko.

4 Dec 2017

Mast Brothers' simple packaging designs are almost collectable in their own right.

27 Nov 2017

Beautifully-packaged and hand-crafted skincare from their own beehives in Australia's Yarra Valley.

20 Nov 2017

Fall in love with Paleolochic's simplistic, Scandinavian-influenced, designs from bowls to cushions and rugs.

10 Nov 2017

Influenced by Scandinavia and Japan, Priddy Essentials strikes a balance between traditional craft methods and modern design processes with a focus on simplicity in design. Truly hand-crafted products.

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