1 Oct 2018

Danish design. We just can't get enough. Hübsch was founded in 2010 by Flemming Hussak, Jannie Krüger & Daniel Henriksen.

20 Apr 2018


Yes Neolea bottle 100% pure and 100% fresh extra virgin olive oil, but forget about the taste, just look at that gorgeous bottle.


In our opinion all olive oil should be bottled as beautifully as this; a bottle that we'd be proud to have out in our kitchen.  And that is why CM loves Neolea.

18 Dec 2017

Madeleine Eiche's fascination with eggnog cartons began in 2002 when she was employed at a New York coffee shop, making eggnog lattes.

13 Dec 2017

Welcome to the artistic world of Ukrainian architect turned pastry chef Dinara Kasko.

4 Dec 2017

Mast Brothers' simple packaging designs are almost collectable in their own right.

27 Nov 2017

Beautifully-packaged and hand-crafted skincare from their own beehives in Australia's Yarra Valley.

10 Nov 2017

Influenced by Scandinavia and Japan, Priddy Essentials strikes a balance between traditional craft methods and modern design processes with a focus on simplicity in design. Truly hand-crafted products.

3 Nov 2017

Vicky White founded Plum & Ashby in 2013 and they are based just down the road from us in Olney. We love their packaging, particularly the stylish brown glass bottles.

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